Is Dubbel Dubbel’s menu environmentally conscious? Absolutely! The average carbon footprint per meal at Dubbel Dubbel is 0.7 kg. That’s 1 kg less than the average carbon footprint of 1.7 kg CO2e per Swedish meal, as stated by WWF. We diligently track the monthly CO2e emissions for the food we serve. These emissions are influenced by factors like ingredient sourcing, origin, and organic practices. To offset these emissions, we’ve partnered with Klimato (www.klimato.se). Together, we contribute to the Bhilwara project, expressing gratitude for their fossil-free solar energy that annually prevents around 8700 tons of carbon dioxide. Solar energy is a pivotal component in India’s shift towards a green, renewable energy network. Beyond the climate and environmental benefits, this solar initiative also yields economic and social advantages. Notably, it provides consistent access to renewable energy for the village’s healthcare facilities, thus positively impacting the community’s wellbeing.