Is the menu from Dubbel Dubbel climate-smart? Of course! The average climate footprint per meal at Dubbel Dubbel is 0.7 kg. That is 1 kg less than the average climate footprint of 1.7 KG CO2e / a Swedish meal according to WWF. Every month the CO2e-emissions are counted for the food we have sold. The emissions depend on factors such as the ingredients we use, the origin country and whether they are ecological or not. We then climate compensate the emission in collaboration with our partner Klimato (www.klimato.se). Together we support the project Bhilwara as a thank you for their fossil free solar energy that yearly prevents about 8700 tons of carbon dioxide. Solar energy is one of the solutions that will play a big part of changing to a green and reusable energy net in India. Other than the climate- and environmental usefulness that the solar energy contribute to, there are also economic and and social benefits. The project has amongst other things contributed to that the health care in the village is supplied with reliable access to renewable energy around the clock.