Our story

Four friends had the same dream about spreading joy with Chinese cooking, grand flavour and personal service. Dubble Dubble saw the light when the small venue at Kastellgatan in Gothenburg city center became available. The success was a fact and from day one curios food enthusiasts have gathered around Chinese small dishes, where you could hear alternative sound from speakers and the fog on the window nere seamed to disappear. This was where it all started. The drive from the growing pains has lead to the continued expansion. If we know ourselves one can son dine modern dim sum from Yastad to Haparanda. Or well, as we call it chinese sharing. 


We want to give our guest the maximal experience with our unique mix of Chinese cooking and free interpretations. Chinese sharing are playful dishes with grand flavours for a surprisingly goos price. Order some small dishes, reach over the table, cheer width fun drinks and enjoy hand made dumplings, small dishes and sauces.